ADKA - German Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Member since 1972


The main objectives of the ADKA are the maintenance and development of hospital pharmacy at a high scientific and practical level and to promote the professional interests of hospital pharmacists. These objectives are set out in ADKA paper targets. In order to achieve the technical objectives, committees and project groups of ADKA dedicated to doing next scientific projects, especially the development of guidelines in the area of hospital pharmacy care.


ADKA represents over 2,060 hospital pharmacists working in almost 400 hospital pharmacies across Germany.


A legally defined non mandatory specialisation in hospital pharmacy exists since 1994. To complete the 3 year course it is necessary to take modules in:

1. Pharmaceutical care
2. Pharmaceutical Services
3. Manufacture and testing of medicinal products, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics, particularly in batches
4. The German hospital system and Pharmacoeconomics
       4.1 Hospital Administration
       4.2 Management tasks
       4.3 Management of medical goods
       4.4 Pharmacoeconomics
5. Drug therapy
6. Drug information
7.  Hygiene and Microbiology
8.  Selected medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, dietary foods and food supplements
9.  Hospital pharmacy relevant legal bases
10. Quality Management


Journal: Krankenhauspharmazie (German)

Contact information

Address: Bundesverband Deutscher Krankenhausapotheker e.V., Alt-Moabit 96, 10559 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 30 39808752
Fax:+49 30 39808753

E-mail: info[at]adka[dot]de

Last update: 23 June 2016