Statement Implementation Project

The Statement implementation project

EAHP is now working with its member country associations to implement the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy within their countries.

For that purpose, a small project team was put in place by late spring 2016 and proposals for implementing the Statements were presented during the 46th General Assembly (GA) in Prague in June 2016, in the form of workshops and agenda items for debate and discussion. The project was approved by delegates. A strategic plan was designed and sent out to our member associations.

The timeline is ambitious, set at 5 years with the assumption that implementation started in 2014. Progress will be monitored by EAHP Board, as with all projects, and reported to the board and delegates.


One of the first things delegates and EAHP agreed on was the need of appointing national ambassadors to help countries to move towards Statement implementation. National ambassadors have been appointed by member associations. The main role of the ambassador can be summed up on the following:

  • Act as primary link in between EAHP, their national associations and the work that is done within their countries;
  • Convey to EAHP the needs and priorities of their countries when it comes to Statement implementation;
  • Build resources that will help hospital pharmacists, healthcare professionals and other relevant stakeholders to implement the Statements.

EAHP is working closely with ambassadors and member delegations to start designing strategies that will help member associations to move towards Statement implementation.

31 country member associations are presented through their ambassadors. The list of the national ambassadors will be posted soon. We will keep you posted. Who are the national ambassadors?

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What EAHP is working on In order to move towards implementation

EAHP, member associations and ambassadors are working on the following:

  • Raising awareness 

EAHP has designed an awareness campaign that will help to raise awareness within our member countries. Among other things, EAHP has worked on:

    1. Increasing EAHP activities on social Media; Follow us! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn 
    2. Quarterly Statement implementation newsletter (translated in 16 different languages); 
    3. Setting up a Statement implementation website (work in progress);
    4. Designing marketing materials aimed at different stakeholders.

  • Building resources

EAHP is building resources that will help countries to move towards Statement implementation. Among other things, these resources will help national stakeholders to understand what the Statements mean and what are the benefits (and the costs) of implementing the Statements. They will also be used by hospital pharmacists and healthcare professional to provide/receive training about the Statements and about ways to improve hospital pharmacy services within their hospitals. All the information will be accessible from the Statement Implementation website that EAHP is working on.

  • Identifying centres of excellence 

Hospitals willing to provide training to hospital pharmacists all over Europe in procedures related to the Statements. EAHP will post more details about how to become a centre of excellence on the following months.

  • Approaching relevant stakeholders both at a national and European level 

EAHP is approaching relevant stakeholders both at a European and a national level to introduce the Statements and the implementation project. Moreover, EAHP and ambassadors are working to start designing lobby strategies that will help to implement the Statements within our member countries.

  • Setting up a self-assessment tool

EAHP is setting an online self-assessment tool that will allow hospital pharmacist to assess their level of implementation within their countries.


The following associations have endorsed the Statements:

  • European Specialist Nursing Organizations
  • European Oncology Nursing Society
  • European Nurse Directors Associations
  • The European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation
  • European Federation of Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Associations
  • European Cancer Patient Coalition

EAHP want to thank them for their active support and the collaboration both during the adoption of the Statements and during the implementation project.

Last update: 9 March 2017