Hospital Pharmacists and Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance

The escalating threat of antimicrobial resistance is a global public health concern and now seriously jeopardises the effectiveness of standard treatments, rendering some ineffective for their approved indications. EAHP is calling for health system managers to promote fuller use of the hospital pharmacy profession's skills and knowledge to drive improved stewardship of antimicrobials in the hospital sector.

This includes enabling and promoting the profession to make direct interventions within multidisciplinary care teams such as reviewing antibiotic duration, advising on the cessation of inappropriate antibiotic treatments, and educating other healthcare professionals on the restricted use of certain antibiotics.

EAHP also calls for the European Commission and institutions to review what further roles and initiatives it can take in improving the research environment for new antimicrobials in Europe, and in ensuring prudent use of antibiotics in other sectors such as agriculture, veterinary and aquaculture.

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Last update: 11 August 2016