Barnett, Nina*

Seminar Title: 

Workshop 3 – Towards a more patient centered approach to medication review (26th Congress - Hospital pharmacists – changing roles in a changing world)


Tardis Consultants UK Limited, Director / Northwick Park Hospital, Pharmacy Dept, Consultant Pharmacist


United Kingdom

1. Current Status, Position

Prof. Dr. Nina Barnett is currently a Consultant Pharmacist based in North West London, UK. She is responsible for supporting pharmacy professionals with care of older people and developing person-centred communication. She is the promotes managing polypharmacy, supporting medicines adherence and deprescribing and shared decision making with the Medicines Use and Safety Team, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service. Prof Dr Nina Barnett is a visiting professor at Kingson University, London, UK.

2. Education

Prof. Dr. Nina Barnett studied Pharmacy at the Kings College, University of London and registred as a pharmacist in 1987. She obtained an MSc in 1998 and, in 2018 she obtained a PhD in pharmacy at Kingston University, London for her work on Developing a person-centred approach to pharmacy practice.

3. Research Area

Prof. Dr. Nina Barnett's current research interests include developing new strategies to embed a person-centred approach, including shared decision making. This supports medication adherence, optimising polypharmacy and safe deprescribing using a health coaching approach in primary and secondary care. She is looking at ways to incorporate professional and personal development into clinical case review, using learning from the certificate in therapeutic counselling skills and studies which she recently completed.

4. Conflict of interest