Caccese, Erminia

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ESTAR Tuscany region Italy



1. Current Status, Position

Erminia Caccese is currently a Hospital Pharmacist at ESTAR Florence. She is responsible for the innovative tenders of medical devices and drugs for the health service of the Tuscan region.

2. Education

Erminia Caccese studied Pharmacy at the University of Perugia and became licensed pharmacist in 1996. In 2005, she obtained a PhD in hospital pharmacy specialization from Florence University for her work on Preparation of customized bags for cancer patients and application of pharmacoeconomic models for the definition of the " value-based price" of drugs and medical devices.

3. Research Area

Erminia Caccese's research focusses on value-based procurement of medical devices and definition of the price of drugs and innovative medical devices on the basis of cost-effectiveness.

4. Conflict of interest