Cornes, Paul*

Seminar Title: 


Comparative Outcomes Group


United Kingdom

1. Current Status, Position

Paul Cornes (BM BCH) is oncologist in Bristol. He is working for the Comparative Outcomes Group.

2. Education

Dr. Cornes is a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. He is part of the steering group for the European School of Oncology Working Party on the Access to Innovation in Cancer Treatment as well as faculty for the annual ECCO European CanCer Organisation meeting - speaking on Innovation and cost-effective care. He took the same role for the Rotating Presidency Meeting of the EU Health Ministry in Riga. He encourages physicians that health economics is to be embraced as part of routine medical practice.

3. Research Area

Paul Cornes was part of the team that developed and presented evidence for the first successful US biosimilar to the Oncology Advisory drugs Committee of the FDA. He is part of the British Medical Journal "Round Table" group on Biosimilars as well as a faculty for the forthcoming DIA Regulators Meeting on Biosimilars. In 2015, he was the physician panel member for the European Commission Biosimilars meeting.

4. Conflict of interest: He is a speaker for Accord Healthcare, Bernstein, European Generics Association, Hospira, Merk Serono, Napp, Pfizer and Sandoz.