Cynober, Timothé

Seminar Title: 

PSQ2 - When Chatbots meet patients and can assist hospital pharmacists! (25th Anniversary EAHP Congress - Hospital Pharmacy 5.0 - the future of patient care)


Institut Curie



Current Status, Position

Timothé Cynober (PharmD, University of Paris XI) is currently fostering industrial partnerships and tech transfer as Business Manager specialised in data science and personalised medicine at the Institut Curie, a leading oncology centre in France. He is notably leading intellectual property and business strategy definition for software (incl AI), databases and biological resources at the Institut Curie. Also, he is developing partnerships, tech transfer and markets opportunities with Biotech/Pharma, Medtech and Digitaltech from startups to blue-chip companies. In addition, Mr Cynober is involved in assets protection and valuation (patents, copyrights, clinical data, registries, cohorts), prospection, negotiation, deals closing and project management. Finally, he is also supporting spin of start-ups (business model, market analysis, grants application) with a participation to GDPR implementation (data governance, data access policy).


Timoth. Cynober studied pharmacy at the University of Paris Sud (PXI) and became licensed pharmacist in 2015 with a PharmD thesis focused on natural product chemistry. In 2014 he obtained a Master in Biotechnology and Innovative Therapies at the University of Paris Sud. He obtained several certifications in the field of regulatory science and intellectual property.

Research Area

Timoth. Cynober is interested in breakthrough and game changing innovation for patients and experienced to deal with regulatory notably as Regulatory Scientist at Voisin Consulting Life science and business challenges for deep tech projects based on a multidisciplinary background. Committed to knowledge transfer as writer, notably as blogger for, Teacher at University of Paris V and Consultant.

Conflict of interest: none