Dinsen-Andersen, Christine*

Seminar Title: 

CPS2 – The COVID-19 pandemic - Lessons learnt at the hospital pharmacy (26th Congress - Hospital pharmacists – changing roles in a changing world)


Hospital Pharmacy of the Capital Region of Denmark, Department Medicines Information Centre - Pharmacists



1. Current Status, Position

Christine Dinsen-Andersen is curreltly a senior hospital pharmacist in the Medicines Information Centre at the hospital pharmacy in the Capital Region of Denmark.

2. Education

Christine Dinsen-Andersen studied Pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and became a licensed pharmacist in 1996. After 9 years in the primary care sector she was employed in Frederiksborg amts Hospital as clinical pharmacist. In 2010 she started working in the Medicines Information Centre.

3. Research Area

Christine Dinsen-Andersen specialises among others in the management of medicines shortages at regional and local level in the hospitals and on a national level as the chairman of the National Task Force for critical medicines shortages.

4. Conflict of interest