Green, Kim*

Seminar Title: 

PC1 - Opportunities and threats for hospital pharmacy production in gene and cell therapy scenarios (26th Congress - Hospital pharmacists – changing roles in a changing world)


University Hospital Heidelberg, Pharmacy Department - Clinical Pharmacist



1. Current Status, Position

Kim Green is currently a hospital pharmacist at the University Hospital of Heidelberg. He is responsible for providing drug information to the local HCP. He is also responsible for the task-force ATMP.

2. Education

Kim Green studied Pharmacy at the University Erlangen-Nuernber and became a licensed pharmacist in 2011. In 2015 he finished his specialisation for Clinical Pharmacy (Fachapotheker fuer Klinische Pharmazie). In 2019 he became first vice president of the German Hospital Pharmacist Association (ADKA).

3. Research Area

Kim Green`s main research focus is patient empowerment and its influence on adherence and QoL.

4. Conflict of interest

Mr Kim Green is Advisory for
• Roche
• Leopharma