Lampert, Markus

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Solothurner Spitaeler AG



1. Current Status, Position

Markus Lampert is a hospital and clinical Pharmacist. In his institution, he is responsible for clinical pharmacy services. He is also affiliated with the Pharmaceutical Care Research Group, University of Basel as a Senior Research Associate and Senior Reader in clinical pharmacy in undergraduate and postgraduate education.

2. Education

In 1992, following his studies in pharmacy at the University of Basel, Markus Lampert passed the federal exam in 1992 and, in 1997, obtained his PhD. He then specialised in hospital and clinical pharmacy alongside with his academic activities which culminated in the habilitation in clinical pharmacy, in 2021.

3. Research Area

Markus Lampert's research areas are mainly dedicated to the development and evaluation of clinical pharmacy services and interventions including the integration of pharmacogenetics.

4. Conflict of interest