Lewis, Penny


University of Manchester


United Kingdom

Current Status, Position

Dr Lewis is a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Manchester and splits her time between research and both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the Division of Pharmacy. She also holds an honorary post at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust as a Research Pharmacist. 


Dr Lewis studied pharmacy at Aston University in Birmingham and became a registered pharmacist in 2003. In 2007 she obtained a PhD in Pharmacy Practice at the University of Manchester. Dr Lewis then worked as a post-doctoral researcher until obtaining a position as Clinical Lecturer in pharmacy practice in 2011. 

Research Area

Dr Lewis's research interests are prescribing decisions and patient safety. She is particularly interested in the safe and effective delivery of clinical pharmacy services and has received NIHR funding to develop a pharmaceutical care complexity screening tool. Dr Lewis is also passionate about widening participation and raising the aspirations of young people to study pharmacy. 

Conflict of interest: none