Martin, Jeff

Seminar Title: 


Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


United Kingdom

1. Current Status, Position

  • Consultant Paediatric Intensivist;
  • Associate Chief Medical Officer for Safety & Quality.

2. Education

Dr. Martin has undertaken the majority of his training in the UK, in and around Birmingham and the West Midlands region. He specailised in Paediatric Intensive Care in 2005, and conducted part of his sub-specialty training in Melbourne, Australia. Since his consultant appointment in 2009, he has had the responsibility of the PICU Medical Lead for Safety and in 2012 completed a post-graduate certificate in Leadership and Quality Improvement. He sits on the Trust Medicines Safety Committee and the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee and was appointed to the ACMO post for Safety and Quality in 2013. In the same year he was appointed as secretary for MiST (Making it Safer Together), a UK patient safety collaborative.

3. Research Area

From an intensivist background Dr. Martin has an interest in measuring and reducing healthcare associated infections, including CVC infections, ventilator associated pneumonia and catheter-related UTIs. In his ACMO role he has been involved with developing our patient safety strategy, a redesign of the Trust serious incident (SIRI) process and the introduction of a Trust-wide sepsis pathway. More recently, he has been working with Haelo and NHS England with their work in developing a ‘Medication Safety Thermometer’, and a paediatric version of the established adult ‘Patient Safety Thermometer’. Working with MiST they have established a collaborative of the main paediatric hospitals in the UK with the aim of sharing safety data for the purpose of learning and improvement.

Conflict of interest: None