Mengato, Daniele

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Padova University Hospital



1. Current Status, Position

Daniele Mengato is currently working as a Hospital Pharmacist at the University Hospital of Padua Italy. His principle activities fall within the field of infectious diseases, in which he coordinates clinical pharmacy and therapeutic appropriateness activities. He is also involved in clinical pharmacy activities in other areas, mainly in pediatrics, and in various researches connected with the activities of the Department of Pharmacy.

2. Education

Daniele Mengato graduated from the University of Padua with a degree in Pharmacy in 2013 and received his specialization in Hospital Pharmacy from the same university in 2017. He also obtained a Master of Science in Biostatistics in 2021.

3. Research Area

Daniele Mengato's research activities fall into several areas. Primarily, it is related to clinical pharmacy activities in the field of infectious diseases, with a focus on the real-world use of COVID-19 and/or HIV drugs and/or antibiotics. Secondly, he is involved in research on already published non-original data through the application of systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

4. Conflict of interest