Oosterhof, Piter*

Seminar Title: 

SPD2 - The waste-reducing hospital pharmacy – Let's get started! (26th Congress - Hospital pharmacists – changing roles in a changing world)


OLVG, Pharmacy Department / Radboudumc - Pharmacist / Researcher


The Netherlands

1. Current Status, Position

Piter Oosterhof is currently a hospital pharmacist in training in OLVG. He is responsible for logistics and focuses on infectious diseases. In addition, he is an outpatient pharmacist at OLVG and researcher at Radboudumc.

2. Education

Piter Oosterhof studied Pharmacy at the University of Groningen and became licensed pharmacist in 2012.

3. Research Area

Piter Oosterhof research focuses on effective use of antiretroviral agents.

4. Conflict of interest