Rasschaert, Marika


University Hospital Antwerp



Current Status, Position

Dr Marika Rasschaert is currently a Medical Oncologist at the University Hospital of Antwerp. She is a senior staff member and responsible for clinical trials, neuro-oncology and rare tumours.


Dr Marika Rasschaert studied Medicine at the University of Antwerp and became a licensed oncologist in 2003. Prior to returning to the University in 2015, she practiced in a large regional hospital, St Augustinus. She is currently finishing a PhD at the University of Antwerp for her work on Patient-Reported Outcomes in Oncology Clinics.

Research Area

Dr Rasschaert research focuses on patient-reported outcomes as a subject for her PhD thesis. And will further use, this PRO-basis to foster better medication adherence in adjuvant hormonal treatments. Furthermore, she is actively involved in clinical trials with a special interest in rare tumour types and neuro-oncology.

Conflict of interest: none