Schaefer, Corinna

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German Agency for Quality in Medicine



1. Current Status, Position

Corinna Schaefer is the Deputy Director of the German Agency of Quality in Medicine and Head of the Departments for Evidence-based Medicine/Guidelines and Patients Information/Patient Involvement.

She is responsible for the German National Disease Management Guidelines Programme, where patients and public involvement is mandatory.

2. Education

Trained as a Human Scientist, Corinna Schaefer has been working in healthcare research since 2006. She was chairing the Guidelines International Network’s Patient and Public involvement working group from 2010 to 2019, she is member of the German Guideline commission and is Chair of the German Health Literacy Network.  

3. Research Area

Corinna Schaefer’s work focuses on advancing methods for guideline development, especially methods for patient and public involvement, and on integrating shared decision-making aspects into guidelines development and clinical practice.

4. Conflict of interest