Schimmel, Kirsten

Seminar Title: 


Leiden University Medical Centre


The Netherlands

1. Current Status, Position

Kirsten Schimmel is currently Head of the GMP production facility at the Academic Hospital of Leiden. The facility has GMP licenses for conventional medicines, ATMPs, small molecules and radiopharmaceuticals. She is also Associate Professor, responsible for the teaching of 'Production and Analysis' within the Master of Pharmacy at the University of Leiden.

2. Education

Kirsten Schimmel studied Pharmacy at the University of Utrecht and became licensed pharmacist in 1999. She followed her internship in the Academic Hospital of Amsterdam and in 2004, she became a licensed hospital pharmacist. Since 2004, she has been Head of the production facility in the Academic Hospital of Leiden. In 2007 she obtained a PhD in medicine at the University of Leiden for her work on the cytostatic drug cyclopentenyl cytosine.

3. Research Area

Kirsten Schimmel's research focusses on the development and implementation of 3D printing in personalized medicine.

4. Conflict of interest