Stemer, Gunar


Vienna General Hospital – Medical University Campus



1. Current Status, Position

Hospital pharmacist in the Vienna General Hospital – Medical University Campus, Pharmacy Department
Head of the medicines information and clinical pharmacy department
Secretary of the Austrian Association of Hospital Pharmacists
Member of the Scientific Committee of the EAHP

Associate editor, EJHP

2. Education

Dr. Stemer has completed his studies of Pharmacy at the University of Vienna and has an Mpharm Degree (Mag. pharm). He wrote his doctoral thesis on Renal clinical pharmacy services, degree (Dr. rer. nat) and has a specialisation in Hospital Pharmacy (approved Hospital Pharmacist). Dr. Stemer teaches pharmacology at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences and the School for Nursing of children and adolescents of the Vienna Hospital Association. Furthermore, he teaches patient-oriented pharmacy at the University of Vienna and supervises diploma thesis of Pharmacy students with a focus on hospital or clinical pharmacy.

3. Research Area

Dr. Stemer's research interests cover the impact of clinical pharmacy services, with a focus on nephrology patients, and the evaluation of medicines information services. Furthermore, he is interested in medicines pricing, reimbursement schemes and Market Entry Agreements.

4. Conflict of interest: none