Tessier, Stéphane


University of Nanterre Paris Ouest




1. Current Status, Position

Dr. Tessier (PhD in Education Science, medical doctor) is working as an associated researcher to University of Nanterre Paris Ouest, Science of Education "Crise, école, terrain sensible" and teaching in several universities among which, Sciences Po Paris.

2. Education

Medical doctor, specialized in Tropical medicine in 1978, Dr. Tessier worked in different countries, especially in Southern Africa (Zambia, Botswana where he led the medical region of Chobe) before integrating in 1988 a humanitarian French organisation. In 1989,he entered the International Children Center in Paris, where he coordinated the annual International Mother and Child Health Course and engaged several researches and projects about street children. When the ICC closed down, in 1999, Dr. Tessier went to be the executive manager of the Regional Center for Health Education in Paris. Since 2009, he shares his time between managing the Health Promotion service in the town Council of a big suburban city and university activities.

3. Research Area

Initially oriented towards tropical clinic and epidemiology, with several publications, Dr. Tessier has oriented his preoccupations towards social anthropology and appears to be now specialized in Health Education, specifically concerning population encountering social difficulties. He wrote a recent (2012) PhD on this issue, (Nanterre Paris 10) which has been edited in France : "Education, santé et précarité: la pédagogie de l'interstice": L'Harmattan, Paris 2013.

4. Conflict of interest: none