Tzimis, Leonidas

Seminar Title: 

IG1 - What's in the crystal ball? - the future of healthcare - HP get ready! (25th Anniversary EAHP Congress - Hospital Pharmacy 5.0 - the future of patient care (2021))


Chania General Hospital



Current Status, Position

Dr Leonidas Tzimis is a Hospital Pharmacist and Director of the Pharmacy Department at Chania General Hospital, Crete. Dr Tzimis is also an EAHP's representative in IHE Pharmacy (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) and member of the EAHP's eHealth working group.


Dr Tzimis studied Pharmacy at the University of Thessaloniki and became a licensed pharmacist in 1982. In 1998, he obtained a PhD in Social Preventive Medicine and Nutrition for his work on the prescribed medication, pharmacotherapy and nutrition of social care indigent patients.

Research Area

Dr Leonidas Tzimis's research focuses on pharmacoeconomics, eHealth and the integration of information technology into the daily practice.

Conflict of interest: none