Vermeulen, Stefan J.T.*

Seminar Title: 

PC3 – Bacteriophages – Back to the future (26th Congress - Hospital pharmacists – changing roles in a changing world)


University College Ghent - Research Center Health & Water Technology, Researcher / Educator



1. Current Status, Position

Dr Sc Stefan Vermeulen is currently a researcher in applied medical sciences in relation to phage therapy. As an educator he translates this research directly to his students.

2. Education

Dr. Stefan Vermeulen studied chemistry and molecular biology at Ghent university and graduated in 1991. He became a doctor in medical sciences in 1997 on cancer invasion. Until 2004 he was doctoral assistant in the center of medical genetics in Ghent and thereafter he became a full lector in the university college of Ghent.

3. Research Area

  • Bio-informatics
  • Genetics
  • Phage therapy as an alternative to or in combination with antibiotics
  • Co-evolution of phages

4. Conflict of interest