Vučićević, Katarina

Seminar Title: 


University of Belgrade - Faculty of Pharmacy


Republic of Serbia

1. Current Status, Position

Katarina Vučićević is a full-time Professor at the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Pharmacy, and a U.S. Fulbright Scholar alumni. She teaches pharmacokinetics and clinical pharmacy at master, doctoral and specialization studies, and supervises PhD research in pharmacometrics.

2. Education

Katarina Vučićević studied Pharmacy at the University of Belgrade and became licensed pharmacist in 2003. In 2010 she obtained a PhD in pharmacokinetics, and her research was focused on studying the sources of pharmacokinetic variability of antiepileptic drugs using population modelling approach and TDM data.

3. Research Area

Katarina Vučićević's research focusses on the variability in clinical outcomes using population pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic modelling and simulations. Her goal is to contribute to the individualization of dosing regimen and to improve patient care by bringing complex PK-PD models to simple use in everyday clinical practice.

4. Conflict of interest