Zygadlo-Kozaczuk, Ewa


Medicines Information Center - Wroclaw



Current Status, Position

Ms Ewa Zygadlo-Kozaczuk is currently a Medicines Information Specialist at the Medicines Information Center in Wroclaw. She is responsible for managing the Medicines Information Center, education of health professionals and patients, questions and answers service. She also works as a pharmacy manager in a private medical clinic and a nursing home. She writes articles for medical and pharmaceutical press about drug information and communication in the sector of health care.   


Ms Ewa Zygadlo-Kozaczuk studied pharmacy at the Medical University of Wroclaw and became a licensed pharmacist in 1990. In 1994, she obtained a galenic specialisation in pharmacy and in 1998, she passed a national examination to become a pharmacy inspector. She cooperated with French, Belgian and Spanish universities in the field of hospital pharmacy and coordinated a European project for hospital pharmacists in Poland to introduce modern hospital pharmacy in Polish hospitals. Ewa Zygadlo-Kozaczuk also worked in the pharmaceutical industry and in a medical information department. She became a medicines information specialist in 2006. She cooperates with hospital pharmacists in the field of communication and medicines information.

Research Area

Ewa Zygadlo-Kozaczuk’s research focuses on medicines information and communication in the health care system.

Conflict of interest: none