Dr Aude Desnoyer


Geneva University Hospitals



1. Current Status, Position

Dr Desnoyer is a PharmD, has a PhD and she is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Geneva University Hospitals.
2. Education

Since 2003, Dr Desnoyer has completed the six-year pharmacy program at Paris-Sud University in Paris area and the pharmacy residency program, in Assistance Publique – Hopitaux de Paris. She has obtained a PhD in immunology at Paris-Sud University in 2015 and she is currently a postdoctoral researcher in pharmaceutical sciences at Geneva University Hospitals.

3. Research Area

Her research is divided in fundamental and clinical research on infectiology /cancerology, and clinical pharmacy research specifically on preventing drug related-adverse outcomes, improving medication safety and pharmaceutical practices.

Conflict of interest: None

Last update: 1 September 2016