Dr Jacqueline Sneddon


Healthcare Improvement Scotland



1. Current Status, Position

Dr Jacqueline Sneddon currently is Project Lead for Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group which is a National level pharmacist post leading the antimicrobial stewardship programme with key responsibilities for quality improvement and education initiatives. She is also currently the Chair of the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association Pharmacy Infection Network and is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Faculty.

2. Education

Jacqueline Sneddon has a BSc Pharmacy, an MSc Clinical Pharmacy, a PhD Pharmacy, and has worked in several hospital pharmacy posts across aseptic dispensing, clinical pharmacy and antimicrobials.

3. Research Area

Dr Jacqueline Sneddon's main professional interests within antimicrobial stewardship are evaluation of prescribing practice, implementation of quality improvement interventions and development of educational programmes.

Conflict of interest: None

Last update: 26 July 2017