Dr Liset van Dijk *


NIVEL, Netherlands institute for health services research


The Netherlands

1. Current Status, Position

Dr Liset van Dijk currently is a Research coordinator of pharmaceutical care at NIVEL                                                             

2. Education

Liset van Dijk was trained as a family and medical sociologist at Wageningen University. She obtained her PhD-degree in sociology at Utrecht University. Liset was rewarded a TALENT-stipend by the Netherlands organisation for scientific research (NWO) to become a visiting research fellow at the University of Arizona and the University of Michigan (1995). Afterwards she was a researcher and assistant professor of Sociology at Utrecht University and Wageningen University. From 1999 onwards Liset is employed at NIVEL, Netherlands institute for health services research in Utrecht

3. Research Area

Liset's main research interests include adherence to medication, drug utilisation research, international comparisons, and policy evaluation.

Conflict of interest: Dr Liset van Dijk is currently receiving funding for research from Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Abbvie

Last update: 2 August 2017