Hospital Pharmacy Day



The 27th of March will be the 1st Hospital Pharmacy Day. A day created to highlight the importance and to celebrate the work done by hospital pharmacies. This day wants to celebrate all hospital pharmacy teams.

Key messages:

  • Hospital Pharmacies are an essential force to ensure the correct functioning of the healthcare systems by ensuring timely and equal access to appropriate and safe medication and medical devices with high-quality pharmaceutical care.
  • Staff working in hospital pharmacies are also increasingly present on wards and at interfaces of care which not only improves patient outcomes, in relation to polypharmacy and drug adherence but also leads to reduced costs.
  • Hospital pharmacists, technicians, nurses, administrative staff, and other professionals working in the hospital pharmacy need to be celebrated!
  • National authorities and all relevant stakeholders need to understand the importance of having well-funded and well-prepared hospital pharmacies to ensure better patient outcomes in the hospital setting.
  • Hospital pharmacies are essential for providing solutions in difficult circumstances like medicinal products and medical devices shortages.
  • Hospital Pharmacies were in the frontline of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
EAHP has prepared a Toolkit to help hospital pharmacies around the world celebrate the Hospital Pharmacy Day.

This toolkit includes campaign materials, best practices, and other useful resources to successfully create your own campaign for Hospital Pharmacy Day. It can be used by hospital pharmacy professionals, hospitals, associations and public institutions to raise awareness about the impact that hospital pharmacies have on patients around the world. 

Please find the toolkit HERE.

Last update: 26 March 2024