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The title of the GPI must be strictly coherent with the data included in the text. Do not use abbreviations.
GPIs must be linked to one of the sections of the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy approved at the European Summit on Hospital Pharmacy in May 2014.

The EAHP statements are separated into the 6 themes below:

  1. Introductory Statements and Governance
  2. Selection, Procurement and Distribution
  3. Production and Compounding
  4. Clinical Pharmacy Services
  5. Patient Safety and Quality Assurance
  6. Education and Research
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Presenting Author
GPI submission must be structured and written in five paragraphs as follows:
- References and/or Acknowledgements may be given at the end of the submission.
- Maximum number of words including tables is 350.
- Abbreviations may be used only if they are defined (spelled out them in full text at first mention, followed by the abbreviation between brackets).
- Don't use excessive decimals e.g. a person might weigh 70,237 kg at a given moment, but only 70 kg should be mentioned.
- References should be avoided or limited to a minimum, unless they are important for understanding the developed initiative, its background and the achievements. Comprehensive bibliography can be displayed on the poster.
Please explain the initiative that you developed and implemented.
Please include a brief background to the reasons why and when the initiative was introduced. This may include identifying the problem before and how this particular GPI attempted to improve the situation.
Please indicate any obstacles to the introduction of this initiative that had to be overcome expand on how these obstacles were overcome for the successful implementation.
Please display the results of the initiative's introduction. These may include audit results, publications, cost saving or improvements in patient safety.
Why it should be considered an example of good practice and how it could be transferred into other healthcare settings.
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For every GPI there must be three keywords selected by the authors
Conflict of Interest
* Potential conflict of interest can involve: grants, honoraria, shares, paid positions on advisory boards, etc. Please fill in your disclosure statement in the field(s) below.
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