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ECDC is monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Risk assessments, public health guidance and advice on response activities have been provided by the agency. Situation updates, including information on the epidemiological curve and the global distribution, are made available daily via the following LINK.

Weekly surveillance report on COVID-19
This report provides a weekly overview of the COVID-19 epidemiology in the EU/EEA and the UK using the available data compiled from multiple sources. The first such report was published in week 20, looking at trends in notification rates and deaths and at risk of severe outcome. 

The following materials have been shared by ECDC on its website:

The following infographics and brochures can be downloaded from ECDC's website for distribution:

A series of micro learning activities related to COVID-19 have been made available. The first five sessions are covering non-pharmaceutical countermeasures (NPC) focusing on an introduction to the topic, personal protection, environmental countermeasures, social distancing countermeasures and travel related countermeasures. The micro learning activities can be accessed via the following LINK.


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Last update: 15 June 2021