Good Practice Initiatives in European Hospital Pharmacy

Share your hospital pharmacy initiave with the world!

The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is collecting examples of good practice initiatives (GPIs).

The overall purpose of collecting and sharing GPIs is:

  • to inspire and encourage fellow hospital pharmacists in other countries to strive for the next high standard in practice;
  • to identify how colleague hospital pharmacists were able to overcome barriers and obstacles in order to make improvement happen; and,
  • to give recognition to those who have completed successful new initiatives in hospital pharmacy service.

The GPI section of the EAHP Congress:

A GPI section of the event will include a special poster display area, and an oral presentation session at which invited GPI leaders will share in more detail the achievements of their initiatives, and how hospital pharmacy colleagues might emulate and learn from their experiences.

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Last update: 16 June 2016