What hospital pharmacists do

Raising awareness of hospital pharmacy in Europe

Hospital pharmacists conduct a critical role in the care of patients in hospitals. To help those outside the profession to better understand some of these roles, EAHP has produced a short animated video telling the story of hospital pharmacy, and looking to its future via the forthcoming European Summit on Hospital Pharmacy.

EAHP encourages its members, and others with an interest in raising awareness of the profession, to share the video with friends, associates and contact lists and promote its message on social media networks.

Subtitled versions in multiple languages are available below, as well as promotional printable material, and a list of ideas for how to make use of video.


Help us to raise awareness and promote the video!

Below you can find some suggestions to utilise the “what hospital pharmacists do” video:

1 - Tell your mailing lists about the video and encourage them to share!

Your organisation may keep email distribution lists of not only its members, but perhaps also relevant media lists, and potentially stakeholders (e.g. patient groups, other healthcare professional groups, politicians, officials within health ministries and regulatory bodies).
EAHP suggests to distribute a short email to such lists alerting the recipients to the existence of the video and (depending on audience) encouraging them to share (e.g. members), or simply watch to learn more about the role of the hospital pharmacist (e.g. patient groups).

2 - Add the video to your email signature, and encourage board members to do so as well

This is a good way of unobtrusively encouraging professional colleagues, and others you liaise with in a working capacity, to watch the video and take some moments to appreciate the contribution of hospital pharmacists to patient care within health systems.

3 - Add the video to your website homepage

You might (time and resource allowing) also create a special section of your website for the video, and general information about the role and nature of hospital pharmacy in your country (e.g. number of hospital pharmacists, nature of education and training etc). If you need help in generate a embed link of the video for this purpose, please contact the EAHP secretariat.
Check here for different languages:

4 - Share the video via Association and/or social media platforms

Social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit) are good mediums for promoting the ‘viral’ spread of videos i.e. one individual choosing to ‘share’ with their personal network of friends, associates and colleagues on social media channels.
If your organisation does not currently make use of these platforms for communication purposes, the video can also be shared via individuals. 
If using Facebook, you could also change your Facebook page cover to promote the video. Example below.

5 - Use the video inside your organisation and external events

The video can be embedded into the introduction of powerpoint presentations, or played on background screens in foyers during idle time in event and conference schedules e.g. coffee and tea breaks.

6 - Print a flyer for the video & promote on appropriate bulletin boards

As well as the general public, the video is also intended to heighten the appreciation of doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals and employees in the hospital setting of what it is that their colleagues in hospital pharmacy do. Therefore organisations could encourage members to place a promotional flyer on appropriate bulletin boards within the hospital.

Download HERE the English version. EAHP can support with creating a version in your language. 

Last update: 10 November 2016