Investigation of the hospital pharmacy profession in Europe



Between the end of October 2022 and mid-January 2023, EAHP conducted the "Investigation of the hospital pharmacy profession in Europe – Assess and advance hospital pharmacy!" which touches on the state-of-the art of our profession and specifically on the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy. The full set of questions is available in PDF format via the following LINKThe investigation also the hospital pharmacists’ roles during the COVID-19 Pandemic and other practice-specific topics such as vaccines, sustainability and FMD.

The results of this Investigation are key to support to the advocacy and policy work done by EAHP both at the European and national level and to tailor our projects and initiatives to better meet the needs of our member associations. Keele University was commissioned to help with the analyse of the results of this investigation.

The EAHP 2022/2023 Investigation of the Hospital Pharmacy Profession can be found HERE

We want to thank all our members and individual pharmacists for completing this important Investigation.

Last update: 16 November 2023