Health Consumer Index 2012 suggests improvement across European health systems

The publication of a report called “Health Consumer Index 2012” has suggested continued improvement in the performance of European health systems and improved availability across Europe of layman-adapted pharmacopoeias.
The report, produced by Health Consumer Powerhouse, also indicated increasing involvement of patient organisations in health systems.The Netherlands was ranked as the top health system for the third time, gaining 872 out of potential 1,000 points, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Luxemburg and Belgium.
The index ranks 34 national European health care systems on 42 indicators, covering five areas that are key to the health consumer: Patients’ rights and information, Accessibility of treatment (waiting times), Medical outcomes, Range and reach of services provided and Pharmaceuticals. The Index is compiled from a combination of public statistics, patient polls and independent research.
The report’s publication was supported by country-specific press releases of national highlights, written in the native language of the country.
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The compilation of the index was supported by supported by unrestricted grants from EFPIA (the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry), Pfizer Inc, Novartis SA and Medicover SA.