Journal Highlights: providing drug information to psychiatric patients

Recently published on the online European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy is a study of the opinion of psychiatric patients about the provision of drug information. The study considers the challenges in perception of the hospital pharmacist that must be overcome to promote clinical pharmacy.
The results of a survey of 16 psychiatric patients found that patients were open to a wide variety of drug information formats. They spontaneously named the psychiatrist, general practitioner and nursing staff as the most appropriate people to provide drug information. The hospital pharmacist was not spontaneously mentioned.
Patients seemed to be open to a wide variety of formats from verbal to written information, video, DVD, and a combination of formats. A number of patients had a clear preference for a particular format. Some of them were willing to read the summary of product characteristics and one appreciated having access to a scientific library to be able to find answers to particular questions. Additionally, common complaints on drug information were given: redundance of information, information too technical to be understood, lack of time during consultation or no contact person permanently available to answer specific questions.
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