Position Papers

Below are links to the current position papers of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists:



Promoting hospital pharmacy specialisation

Hospital pharmacy specialisation advances patient safety and high quality healthcare.

Full position HERE.



Resolving medicines shortage problems

Problems caused by medicines shortages are serious, threaten patient care in hospitals and require urgent action. EAHP's position paper on shortages outlines the nature of the problem and the activity required by each part of the supply chain to resolve the problem. It also calls for a European-wide investigation into the causes and improved communication between stakeholders.

Full position HERE.

Combatting antimicrobial resistance

The escalating threat of antimicrobial resistance is a global public health concern and now seriously jeopardises the effectiveness of standard treatments, rendering some ineffective for their approved indications. EAHP is calling for health system managers to promote fuller use of the hospital pharmacy profession's skills and knowledge to drive improved stewardship of antimicrobials in the hospital sector.

This includes enabling and promoting the profession to make direct interventions within multidisciplinary care teams such as reviewing antibiotic duration, advising on the cessation of inappropriate antibiotic treatments, and educating other healthcare professionals on the restricted use of certain antibiotics.

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Hospital pharmacists due to their knowledge and skills are specialists in the field of all medicines procurement. Hospital pharmacists should lead in all phases of the procurement processes and practices to ensure the continuity of supply of cost-effective and quality medicines to patients.

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Bar coding medicines to the single dose

A complete identification of a medicine, up to the moment of administration, is a key element of a safe medicines dispensing procedure in hospitals.

Full position HERE.

Biosimilar medicines

Due to the rising importance of biosimilar medicines, EAHP decided to set out the position of the Association on key issues concerning biosimilar medicines including the role of hospital pharmacists, naming of biosimilar medicines, extrapolation of indications, information about biosimilar medicines as well as interchangeability, switching and substitution of biosimilar medicines.

Full position HERE.

eHealth and mHealth

EAHP's policy statement on eHealth and mHealth calls for: systematic and universal achievement of electronic prescribing and use of electronic patient records;ensuring bar coding of medicines to the single unit primary package to enable more widespread takeup of bedside scanning in European hospitals, thus improving patient safety; appropriate regulatory oversight mechanisms to ensure the promises of mHealth applications have a positive impact, and to limit the opportunity for ‘rogue’ applications; and, ensuring hospital pharmacists are involved in the design, specification of parameters and evaluation of ICT within the medicines processes.

Full position HERE.

Improving clinical trial regulation

There are many ways in which clinical trials regulation in Europe could be improved. 

EAHP have set out some of these in a recent statement, including calling for:

  • a single european electronic portal for submitting trials for assessment;

  • a process for multi-sponsor trials; and,

  • more open access to clinical trial data. 

Full position HERE.



Sustainable and equitable access to medicines

A public debate is required in order to create more sustainable and equitable means to provide patients in Europe with the medicines they need. Cost burden should not be placed directly upon the patient, and greater transparency in the operation of pricing and reimbursement systems is required. Health technology assessment should be supported by the hospital pharmacist's pharmacoeconomic skillset and care must be taken to ensure that certain cost-saving approaches such as generic tendering do not inadvertently result in supply chain vulnerability.

Full position HERE.

Preserving health system improvements from public spending austerity

Cuts to expenditure and investment in the hospital setting almost self-evidently pose risk of detriment to patient care and safety. In response to the impacts of public spending austerity being felt in health services across Europe, the 34 member countries of EAHP passed policy alerting decision-makers to the dangers and the need for diligent care in approach.

Full position HERE.



Medical Device Regulation

As an impacted stakeholder EAHP takes a particular interest in the discussions on the future regulatory regime for the assessment, use and vigilance of medical devices in Europe.

Full position HERE.


Protecting patient safety

Hospital pharmacists are guardians of patient safety and central to ensuring the right patient receives the right medicine for the right disease at the right time and in the right dose.

Read EAHP's position on patient safety HERE.



Preparing health systems for an ageing society

EAHP calls for the utilisation of using hospital pharmacists' expertise to manage polypharmacy, evaluate drug appropriateness and increase drug adherence in older patients.

Full position HERE.



SmPC and density information

This position paper sets out a formal request for improvement to the standard requirements of information included in an SmPC. EAHP and its membership call on the European Medicines Agency, the European Commission, and national medicines agencies to bring about a change to SmPC requirements; that marketing authorisation holders and applicants provide information within the SmPC specifying the density of a drug solution.

Full position HERE.


Last update: 15 July 2020