EAHP is closely monitoring developments linked to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) across its member countries. To support the best practice sharing of hospital pharmacists, initiatives and data collections were initiated by EAHP.

COVID-19 Resource Centre

To assist its member associations and individual hospital pharmacists with the provision of the best possible care for patients, EAHP has decided to gather and make available information on COVID-19 relevant for the hospital pharmacy profession. The collected information has been included in EAHP's COVID-19 Resource Centre.

Useful resources can be submitted to EAHP via the following email address: covid19[at]eahp[dot]eu

European COVID-19 drugs calculation tool

The European COVID-19 drugs calculation tool (ECDCT) has been created to assist pharmacists, local healthcare institutions, governments, partners and other stakeholder to estimate potential requirements for essential drugs supplies to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The ECDCT generates an estimation of drugs needed over a variable time frame, up to one year. The drug demand is calculated on the basis of a forecasting of the epidemiological curve.

Access the ECDCT report HERE

Access the tool HERE

A video tutorial explaining how the tool can be used can be watched via the following LINK

Note: The update of December 2020 included improvement for the usability and data visualization of the tool.

EAHP Opinion on COVID-19 Vaccine Programmes and their Implementation

In December 2020, EAHP issued an Opinion on COVID-19 Vaccine Programmes and their Implementation. The opinion touches on challenges posed by the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and their administration. EAHP draws attention to transport and storage conditions, underlines the importance of good logistic processes and record-keeping and shares information that could help with combatting vaccine hesitancy.

Read the EAHP Opinion on COVID-19 Vaccine Programmes and their Implementation HERE

EAHP-ESCP Video Initiative

In June 2020, EAHP teamed up with the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP) to collect best practice examples of clinical and hospital pharmacy services that made a difference for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Short 2 to 3-minute videos have been made available on the initiative's YouTube channel to demonstrate how clinical and hospital pharmacists coped with the challenges posed by the novel coronavirus. Contributions were submitted from all across Europe touching for example on the preparation of disinfectants, the creation of new workflows and the resolution of medicines shortage problems.

Access the YouTube channel of the Video Initiative HERE


On 29 October 2020, selected examples were presented in a webinar focusing on COVID-19 pharmaceutical care delivered in hospitals. The webinar also provided attendees with a COVID-19 pharmacotherapy update.



EAHP Survey on the future crisis preparedness of hospital pharmacies

On 16 September, EAHP launched a new data collection activity to obtain information on the lessons learned from COVID-19. The survey looked on the one hand at the medicines for which shortages were observed. On the other hand, it took stock of the experiences made in hospitals during the first few months of the crisis and explored suggestions for improving the future crisis preparedness of hospital pharmacies.

The survey was available in 14 different languages. Hospital pharmacists were encouraged to participate until 23 December 2020.

Find more information HERE

Questionnaire about the working situation for healthcare professionals and treatment effects of the pandemic in different countries

EAHP has teamed up with its colleagues from the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) to gain more insights on the situation of cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on the success of its weekly surveys, which were completed by pharmacists from 63 countries, ESOP has put together a structured approach to collect further perceptions and facts about the pandemic on a monthly basis. The survey exercise will be carried out between September 2020 and February 2021. The questionnaire is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Bosnian. Hospital pharmacists are encouraged to contribute.

Access the survey via the following LINK

EAHP COVID-19 Report

Two years have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Since the pandemic started EAHP has been working (alongside its 35 national associations) to support hospital pharmacists accross Europe to fight the pandemic. EAHP has decided to put together a report to highlight all the work done by EAHP and our members during the pandemic. In addition, this report also contains key recommendations to face future health threats. The EAHP report also shows how key hospital pharmacists have been as healthcare professionals beeing in the frontline of the pandemic. 

You can find the report HERE


Last update: 19 July 2022