Patient safety

Patient safety is at the heart of all representations made by EAHP as it at the centre of what hospital pharmacists do on a daily basis in every country in Europe.



Hospital pharmacists safeguard patient safety by:

  • providing the right advice to patients, physicians and nurses on the safe use of medicine;
  • contributing to improved patient outcomes through collaborative therapeutic monitoring and decision-making;
  • acquiring the additional expertise needed to meet the specific needs of particularly vulnerable patient groups such as haemato-oncology, intensive care, infectious diseases, and paediatrics;
  • reducing medication errors by implementing evidence-based systems or technologies, such as automated prescription-filling, unit dose distribution, and bar coding systems;
  • improving standard operating procedures and patient safety protocols by reporting medication errors or adverse reactions to non-punitive national and European clinical incident systems; and,
  • procuring the right drugs and related medical devices on the basis of strong safety and quality assurance principles and putting in place strategies to cope with drug shortages.

In all its advocacy activity, EAHP will uphold the role of the hospital pharmacist as a guardian of patient safety. All advocacy statements are informed and motivated by the guiding principle of patient safety.

Read the EAHP statement of patient safety here.


Last update: 15 September 2020