Accelerating developments in European healthcare

Accelerating developments in European healthcare

8 May 2017

Hospital pharmacists – catalysts for change was the theme of this years packed three-day EAHP Congress in Cannes during which hospital pharmacists could embark on a journey to enhance their knowledge for better patient care. Changes in European healthcare are continuously happening, requiring hospital pharmacists to stay up-to date on several topics. The keynote presentations focused consequently on the challenging topics of new medicines and big data as well as on the future of a European training programme for hospital pharmacists.

This year, the Synergy Satellites addressed three important topics which require continuous learning – antimicrobials, biosimilar medicines and anticoagulants. Biosimilars have been on the market for 10 years, wherefore the Synergy Satellite took stock on what we have learned and addressed the continuing need for hospital pharmacists' involvement in keeping healthcare professionals informed on the benefits of biosimilar medicine. Interactive technology was used to discuss complications of anticoagulant therapy and to learn more about the differences in pharmacokinetics, efficacy, safety between newer anticoagulant drugs and warfarin. The skill acquired by the participants during the session will assist them in educating patients about their drugs and the importance of adhering to their anticoagulant therapy. Hospital pharmacists are leaders in antimicrobial stewardship: the third Synergy Satellite showed them on how to deal with infections and what they should know about symptoms, diagnoses and different approaches to management of infections.

The 44 Statements of Hospital Pharmacy were again reflected in many seminars and symposia. However, they also had their own moment to shine when EAHP launched the new Statement Implementation project and website. In addition, a self-assessment tool demo that provides resources for implementation and demonstrates why the Statements are so important to a variety of stakeholders was also shared with participants.

For the first time this year, 30 poster award nominees were provided with the opportunity to shortly present their work during the Evening Poster Walk at the EAHP congress. The 1st prize for poster submissions was awarded to Klaus Bertram Nissen for his 'Stability study of bortezomib (velcade) with limit test for all degradation products'. Elin Trapnes is the GPI 2017 winner. She received the award for her 'National Consensus on Core Competencies for Clinical Pharmacists in Norway'.


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1. The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is an association of national organisations across 35 countries representing hospital pharmacists at European and international levels. More information about the EAHP and its history HERE.

2. The EAHP annual Congress is the second largest hospital pharmacy education event in the world, attended by over 3,500 professionals from across the globe. The 22nd Congress took place in Cannes, Franc from 22nd-24th March 2017 and had as its theme: "Hospital Pharmacists – Catalysts for Change"

3.  The 23rd Congress of the EAHP will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden from 21st to 23rd March 2018. More information HERE

4. Requests for interviews with Joan Peppard, photographs and any further information of interest to your publication and its readers can be made by contacting info[at]eahp[dot]eu