EAHP participates in several joint campaigns for World Patient Safety Day

Brussels, September 19.  WHO World Patient Safety Day, observed annually on 17 September, aims to raise global awareness about patient safety and calls for solidarity and united action by all countries and international partners to reduce harm to patients.

Hospital pharmacists serve as an integral part of all patient care teams. Thus, hospital pharmacists should ensure that patients and carers are offered information about their clinical medication management options, and especially about the use of their medicines, in a language they can understand. 

EAHP has participated this year in several initiatives to celebrate World Patient Safety Day. An awareness campaign has been launched with GS1, the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations, International Society for Quality in Healthcare, and the International Hospital Federation. In addition, EAHP has co-hosted and moderated with the European Health Management Association a webinar on “Engaging Patients for Patient Safety: Educating and Reporting Medication Harm in Hospitals.” EAHP’s mission is to ensure the continuous improvement of care and outcomes for patients in the hospital setting. 

EAHP President Andras Süle stated “Healthcare professionals can rely on hospital pharmacists to provide adequate information to patients regarding their medication. We strongly call on all national governments and health system providers to guarantee an adequate number of hospital pharmacists and the full utilisation of the pharmaceutical expertise and pharmacy services to improve concordance and clinical pharmacy services