EAHP's 2018 Synergy Sessions

EAHP's 2018 Synergy Sessions – a continuing education programme tailor made for the needs of today's hospital pharmacists

4 December 2017

To help hospital pharmacists prepare for and provide cutting edge innovation in service delivery and patient care, five Synergy Satellites will be organised during the 23rd Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) which will take place from 21st to 23rd March 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Synergy Satellites are accredited high level sessions developed and managed by the EAHP Scientific Committee and supported by industry grants. The Synergy programme is based on a needs assessment conducted by the scientific committee and attending participants may obtain continuing education points. The five sessions of the upcoming EAHP Congress will focus on biosimilars and biologicals, automation as well as anticoagulants.

As hospital pharmacists are responsible for selecting and assessing biologicals and biosimilars and monitoring their use, they need to have an in-depth understanding of key principles regarding quality, safety and efficacy. The essentials of biologicals – past, present and future (sponsored by an educational grant from Sandoz) will consequently explore the evolution of biologicals which are an essential treatment option for a variety of diseases in current medicine. Participants of this synergy session will learn about the development and authorisation of biosimilars as well as the quality criteria of biologicals. In addition, issues of switching and interchangeability of biologicals will be addressed.

The other two biosimilar Synergy Satellites will concentrate on cancer therapy, since patent expirations for biologics that have long been used in the targeted treatment of cancer are now occurring. Biosimilars in cancer care - the next challenge (financial support was provided by Pfizer Limited as a Medical and Educational Goods and Service) will approach this subject from a broader angle by providing participants with the key fact on biosimilar approval in the EU as applied to cancer therapy. By understanding the concepts and facts, hospital pharmacists will be enabled to provide a scientific, unbiased approach with a focus on patient care in a world of limited resources.

Biosimilars in breast cancer – the next challenge (sponsored by an education grant from Amgen) will take a closer look at biosimilars of trastuzumab, the key treatment option in HER2 positive breast cancer patients which will soon be coming into the market. This session will be particularly interesting for hospital pharmacists involved in oncology as it will equip them with specific knowledge on the quality and clinical background of the approval process. At the same time the session will be exploring the role of biosimilars in budget management in the breast cancer setting, considering all the new therapeutic options available for this disease.

For over a century hospital pharmacists were focused on manual work and logistic burden of compounding and dispensing. To improve patient safety, they shifted this focus the last decades from product towards therapy and the implementation of clinical pharmacy and clinical validation. But the basic tasks must continue to maintain the highest quality to prevent medication errors. The power of automation! (sponsored by an educational grant from Omnicell) will thus take a closer look at the opportunities and pitfalls of implementing automation in the hospital pharmacy.

The introduction of new anticoagulants means new options in the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic events. Anticoagulation - from theory to practice (sponsored by an educational grant from Bayer) will strengthen the role of the hospital pharmacist in maintaining the awareness of new agents, its management, adverse effects and educating the patients about their drugs and importance of adherence.

If the five exciting Synergy sessions have captivated your interest, join us in Gothenburg in March 2018. Until 31st January 2018, participants can benefit from a reduced registration rate.



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1. The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is an association of national organisations across 35 countries representing hospital pharmacists at European and international levels. More information about the EAHP and its history here.

2. Synergy is EAHP's qualitative and accredited Continuing Education programme tailor made for the needs of today's hospital pharmacists. The contents of the Synergy programme is selected and compiled by well-respected professionals within hospital pharmacy to ensure the highest level content and with the intention of helping hospital pharmacists prepare for and deliver cutting edge innovation in service delivery and patient care. The entire programme is accredited and quality assured to the high standards of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

3. More information about the 2018 Synergy Satellite Programme is available here.

4. Information about registration for the Congress is available here. Reduced registration rates apply until a deadline of 1 February 2018.

5. If you wish to participate or suggest a topic for a Synergy Satellite that addresses key issues and trends in hospital pharmacy practice, please use the following email to contact us: synergy[at]eahp[dot]eu.

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