EAHP 2010 Survey of hospital pharmacy practice in Europe

In 2010 EAHP conducted its fourth survey on the state hospital pharmacy throughout Europe. 

The results of the survey have been summarised in a series of articles in the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (the published articles are provided below) and also published in a booklet.

The EAHP Survey 2010 on hospital pharmacy in Europe booklet is available HERE.

The original questionnaire is here.

Consolidated table of results here.


Articles published in the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy:

Part 1: General Frame and Staffing

In the first in a series of Journal articles reviewing the results of the 2010 EAHP Survey, Dr. Roberto Frontini examines both the methodology and headline findings of the survey, and also focuses on the key conclusions that can be formed in relation to hospital pharmacy staffing across Europe.

Article here.

Part 2: Procurement and Distribution

The second Journal article on the 2010 EAHP Survey looks in detail at the results relating to hospital pharmacy procurement and distribution, examining from which sources hospital pharmacies procure medicines and devices and the extent to which hospitals across Europe use bar code technology for stock control and manual selection of items.

Article here.

Part 3: Production and Quality Assurance

The third Journal article on the 2010 EAHP Survey examines the results relating to the production of medicines within hospital pharmacy and the methods used by hospital pharmacies across Europe to ensure quality assurance processes are in place.

Article here.

Parts 4 & 5: Clinical services and patient safety 

This Journal article on the 2010 EAHP Survey investigates the extent and scope of clinical services in hospital pharmacy across Europe as well as the nature of patient safety focused activity.

Article here.

Part 6: Education and research

The final Journal article exploring the results of 2010 EAHP Survey looks at both current hospital pharmacy practice in relation to education, and the extent of hospital pharmacy involvement in clinical research.

Article here



Last update: 15 July 2020