1. Can I apply for an internship if I am not studying pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences?

Unfortunately, the internships are meant only for pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences students. Students from any other specializations, such as pharmacy technician, medicine, physiotherapy, etc.,  are not eligible.

2. Can I apply for an internship through the EAHP-EPSA Internship Platform if I have already graduated?

Yes, you can, as long as you have graduated less than two years ago. The Platform is aimed at students and young graduates coming from a country represented in EAHP and/or EPSA. Please find the list of EAHP members here and the members of EPSA here.

3.  If I come from outside of Europe can I apply for an internship?

Yes, if you are studying in or have studied in one of the European countries represented in EAHP and/or EPSA. Please find the list of EAHP members here and the members of EPSA here.

4.  Are there any fees regarding the internship?

The internship itself is free, but you need to cover your traveling, living and usually also your accommodation and insurance cost by yourself.

5. Does EAHP provide any grants for the internships?

Unfortunately not, but you can contact your university and the hospitals you are interested in and find out if you can apply for an Erasmus+ grant. Please find more information here. You can also search for other grants provided for example by your local/national associations.

6. What should I pay a special attention to when filling out the Internship Application Form?

Send in a complete Intern Application Form – A complete intern application form is the requirement for you to come into contact with the hospital you want to do the internship at.

Send in the Internship Agreement Form – After you agree with the hospital on the details surrounding your internship, let the Platform Coordinator know; this is a condition for you receiving your certificate.

Total length of studies and number of ECTS credits – Please provide us here with the list of total ECTS of the study programme you are enrolled in, not only the ECTS you have completed by now.

Contact Person Name – Any professor from your faculty can be your Contact Person and sign the Recommendation Letter.

Why are you motivated to apply for this hospital – Here, please provide us with 200-300 words of how you believe the internship will benefit your professional development and what can you learn in the hospital you are applying for.

7. I am a recently graduated pharmacist (I graduated last year) and I am interested in applying for an internship. Can I apply without having a contact person at the faculty I graduated from?

No, you are required to have a contact person at your previous faculty, who commits to writing a recommendation letter for your internship and following your internship together with you. This requirement is needed in order for the applicant to be deemed suitable to apply for an internship and to help ensure that the internship runs as smoothly as possible.

8. What are the language requirements?

Hospitals have stated their language requirements in their information sheets which you can find from the Availability-column in the Hospital Database. For further information, please contact the hospitals directly.

9. How can I get a Certificate of Completion?

Please follow the steps here carefully.

10. I would like to start my internship in a couple of months. Is it still possible to find a placement?

You might be able to find a hospital who can offer you a placement with a short notice, but it is recommended to contact hospitals well in advance because the process of arranging the internship placement can last for several months and you might need to wait for the answer from the hospital pharmacy in the first place. Please see the availability of hospitals in the Hospital Database.

11. Can I count on the information regarding hospitals’ availability in the Hospital Database?

The database is up to date to the best of EAHP's knowledge. Hospitals are encouraged to report if the placements are no longer available to the EAHP Platform Coordinator at intern[at]eahp[dot]eu.

12. I haven’t received any reply from a hospital to my email. What should I do?

Please take into consideration that you might need to wait for the answer from the hospital pharmacy. If you do not receive any answer to your application within a month, please contact EAHP Platform Coordinator at intern[at]eahp[dot]eu.

13. Can I apply to more than one hospital at the same time?

Yes, you can, but please inform the other hospitals immediately once you have found an internship placement.

14. Can I apply for another Internship after I have completed my first one?

Yes, provided you still fulfill the conditions for the application (student or young graduate who graduated within the past 2 years) and send us all the required documents.

Last update: 10 December 2019