EAHP - EPSA Student Science Award

Recognising and honouring the best scientific research authored by a pharmacy student

The EAHP-EPSA Student Science Award is offered to one European Pharmaceutical Students' Association (EPSA) member since 2011 to recognise and honour the best scientific research authored by a pharmacy student or recent graduate.

Eight pharmacy students received the EAHP-EPSA Student Science Award: 

  • Mariana Fróis, Portugal, 2011;
  • Danika Agius Decelis, Malta, 2014;
  • Claudine Aziz, Ireland, 2015;
  • Rok Barle, Slovenia, 2016;
  • Terry Hennache, France, 2018;
  • Teodora Bulog, Serbia, 2021;
  • Aiva Birne, Latvia, 2022;
  • Usman Arshad, UK, 2023.

The award is given to students who conducted research in the fields of hospital and clinical pharmacy, which represented a significant intellectual contribution promoting the state-of-the-art pharmaceutical research methods and theories in hospital pharmacy. Interested students have the opportunity to submit an abstract, which is later reviewed in accordance with the criteria of innovation, originality, and contribution to the development of hospital pharmacy. 

EAHP and EPSA strongly believe involving students in research initiatives is of great importance. The five winners provided us with testimonials, in which they captured the benefits of the award and encouraged students to participate in research.





Last update: 23 August 2023