Abstract Guidelines

How to write an abstract

The abstract you will need to submit in order to apply for the EAHP - EPSA Student Science Award will need to restate the key points of your research in a way that will make it attractive to readers. A well-written article will motivate the reader to read more about the research. The jury that will evaluate your abstract will be one of those readers, so ensure that your abstract is written well. In order to ease your work with that, we have prepared an online webinar and some tips for you. Note that the attendance of the webinar will give you first-hand insight from experienced abstract writers and allow you to ask questions. Before the webinar, it is highly recommended to watch THIS VIDEO which will give you the basic ground to build up your ideas and prepare your questions for the webinar.


Following, you can find the testimonials of 3 participants of the 2019/2020 edition. You are able to see the knowledge and experience that you can develop during the webinar and the process of writing an abstract.

“In webinar I had learned the key points for writing a good abstract. I already had the abstract written before the start of the competition for the purpose of my master's thesis. Following your recommendations, I have shortened it and divided it into sections. It was difficult to write a good abstract, that everyone would understand it and that it would contain the important information that would describe a research as well as possible. I must say that 250 words are not enough. Also guidelines for writing an abstract would helped me a lot.” By Andreja Marko

"All beginnings are difficult and so it was exactly like that with me writing an abstract, because I have never done it before. I put a lot of effort to combine most important key points of research in limited amount of words. Very helpful were guidelines on EAHP website and feedback on my first abstract idea. On webinar that was organised especially for this competition, I had an opportunity to ask directly about issues I noticed. During this event I recognised that things which really count are to step out of comfort zone, get new experience and bring your own contribution to improve field of hospital and clinical pharmacy. I am grateful to be part of it." By Karmen Hajšek 

“The webinar and the video that I watched helped me to understand what the main sections of the abstract and which information are each section should include. I learned what common mistakes can be made while writing the abstract. I also learned how the main sections of the abstract should follow each other in a way to describe the key points of the research. The webinar mentioned the questions that we should follow when we write a particular section of the abstract. The most challenging section for me was the section of the results. Specifically, it was a bit difficult to select which of the findings and the results were more important and which of them should be mentioned in the abstract. In this short summary, I could not present the cause of identified high prevalence of drug-related problems.”  By Teodora Bulog


Abstract for the EAHP - EPSA Student Science Award

The final abstract has to be written according to the Guidelines for writing an abstract prepared by EAHP. These are similar to the EJHP Guidance for Authors. The criteria which will be used for the evaluation of abstracts and manuscripts can be found in the Selection Procedure section. 

You can find explanations for the tips above and additional, more detailed ones in the Guidelines for writing an abstract. Everything stated on this web page and in the guidelines is in accordance with the EJHP Guidance for Authors, so follow the direction given in this section and the Guidelines closely and increase your chances to receive the EAHP - EPSA Student Science Award.

Last update: 3 May 2022