John Yfantopoulos



University of Athens




1. Current Status, Position

Prof Dr John Yfantopoulos is Professor of Social Policy and Health Economics at the University of Athens, President of the ISPOR the Greek Chapter, former President of the National Centre for Social Research, and ex-President of the Board for Public Health in Greece. 

2. Education

Prof Dr John Yfantopoulos received his Doctor of Philosophy in Health Economics from the University of York, UK. Professor Yfantopoulos has extensive teaching and research experience in Health Economics, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Pharmaco-economics in Europe and the USA. 

3. Research Area

Professor Dr Yfantopoulos collaborated closely with the HIVA Institute (Onderzoeksinstituut voor arbeid en samenleving- Research Institute for Work and Society) which is a Belgian-based multi-disciplinary research institute at the Catholic University of Leuven. With a Group of European Experts conducted pioneered comparativestudies on long-term care, called at that time ‘services for the elderly’ and ‘social protection of dependent older persons’. He further participated in European comparative studies on European economic integration and social protection. In this context he conducted European comparative studies and participated in conferences on the development of the welfare state in the (now 28) member states of the EU since the completion of the internal market in 1992. European comparative projects and conferences on ‘The State of the Welfare State in the EU’ have been organised in the following years: 1992, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015. Those projects wanted also to create a network or community of researchers involved in the study of the relation between European integration and the national systems of social protection. His research focuses on comparative analysis of pharmaceutical systems across Europe.

Conflict of interest: None

Last update: 13 September 2019