NVZA - Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists

Nederladse Vereniging van Ziekenhuisapothekers (Dutch)

Member since 1972

The Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists (NVZA) support hospital pharmacists in their professional and social responsibility to make the best circumstances including (Specialized) pharmaceutical care for patients a treatment relationship with their hospital.

The hospital pharmacist is responsible for safe, effective, efficient, responsible and customer-focused pharmaceutical care - in the hospital, the clinic, the clinic in the regional healthcare chain. Cooperating with other specialists of continuity of care for the patient. Without walls between secondary and primary care. With the patient at the center and working from his / her role as a therapist.

NVZA is a scientific society, encourage and promote research, innovation and expertise.

Membership: NVAZ represents over 500 hospital pharmacists working in over 100 hospitals in the Netherlands.

Specialisation: In there Netherlands there is a legally recoginised specailisation which is mandatory to work as a hospital pharmacist and as a hospital pharmacy manager. Since 2004 this 4 year postgraduate training program includes aspects such as clinical pharmacy, compounding, laboratory techniques, and logistics. Additionally research is a mandatory part of the specialisation.

Contact information
Address: Rijnzathe 8, De Meern, 3454 PV
Tel: 070-3737201
E-mail: info[at]nvza[dot]nl

Website: www.nvza.nl/


Last update: 29 August 2014