Moving from Statement to Implementation

15 July 2016

EAHP's General Assembly approves 5-year plan for implementation

logo implementation The adoption of the European Statements in 2014 was by itself already a huge succes. EAHP and its member associations are now working to bring about the full achievement of the Statements in all member countries.

EAHP conducted workshops during the 46th General Assembly in Prague (June 9 - 11, 2016) to discuss the best ways to start with the Statement Implementation project. Inputs and comments from delegates will be used to prepare the first Plan for the Implementation of the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy.

Even though EAHP has already been working to move towards Statement implementation, additional resources have now been allocated. EAHP has appointed an Implementation team, with Tony West as Project Director, aiming to give a stimulus.

During the General Assembly, EAHP's President Joan Peppard and Project Director Tony West presented EAHP's implementation plan, which was approved. The EAHP Implementation team now has approval to work on the project through 2019 with the goal of showing significant progress by 2020.

EAHP moves towards Statement implementation

Although the project is being designed, some main points have already been decided and approved by delegates:

  • Appointment of national implementation ambassadors. They will work as a link between EAHP, member associations and the work that is done within their countries.
  • Launch of an awareness campaign. Content will be presented by October 2016 and the full campaing will be launched by March 2017.
  • Design national strategies to map out and approach relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop a self-assesment tool for hospital pharmacists to asses their level of implementation and develop action plans accordingly.

Each country has its own particularities, therefore, EAHP will work together with member associations and ambassadors to understand the needs and priorities of each country/region and to design specific national strategies.

EAHP's President Joan Peppard remarked: "The agreement and publication of the 44 European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy was a significant step, focusing on the development potential for the role of hospital pharmacists to significantly contribute to continuous improvement of care and outcomes for patients. Building on the consensus achieved in 2014, EAHP is now looking to its members and stakeholder to make the vision described in the Statements a reality for patients in European hospitals".

As Project Director Tony West stated: "Support and commitment from the General Assembly was always going to be crucial for this project. Having gained these and updated the project plan following the outcome of workshops and discussion, the team can start the push on implementation, working with our colleagues in member associations".


For specific information about the project, please contact: Statements[at]eahp[dot]eu 


1. The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is an association of national organisations across 34 countries representing hospital pharmacists at European and international levels. More information about the EAHP is available here.

2. The 44 European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy are a set of hospital pharmacy practice standards designed to assist European health systems in ensuring safe, effective and optimal use of medicines in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams. The statements were formulated following an 18-month review process, which included two rounds of Delphi consultation with EAHP's 34 member country associations and patient and healthcare professional organisations. More information about the statements here.

3. Requests for interviews with Joan Peppard and/or Tony West can be made by contacting: Statements[at]eahp[dot]eu.