Synergy satellites


The 2016 Sessions in Vienna have included: 

Synergy Satellite Symposium (supported by an educational grant                                 Synergy Interactive Session (supported by an educational grant 
     from Roche):"Interchangeability of biosimilars - a financial,                                              from Roche): "Ready to use Drugs - a useful option for 
                          ethical or scientific issue?"                                                                                                               patient safety"


You can learn more about the EAHP Synergy Satellite programme HERE.

Synergy Satellites Topics - 2017:

1 Anticoagulants - show me the evidence

2 HIV – new treatment strategies

3 Patient adherence – to take or not to take?

4 Antimicrobials – is the pipeline really empty?

5 Eradication of Hepatitis C - can we afford (not) to do it?

6 The bare essentials of complex drugs

7 Automation in hospital pharmacy – the future is now

8 New strategies in oncology – cell cycle and checkpoint control

9 Traceability of implantable medical devices

10 Medicinal gases, take a breath!

11 Compounding facilities – construct or contract?

12 Clinical decision support systems

13 Cholesterol lowering drugs: citius, altius, fortius!

14 Risk sharing agreements : are they really worth it ?

Last update: 24 March 2016