About this website and online policy

Mission of this website


The EAHP website is intended mainly for pharmacists and other healtcare professionals who have a genuine interest in pharmacy or in EAHP. The mission of this website is to inform EAHP members and readers about

•the latest developments within EAHP,
•latest developments in European hospital pharmacy practice and science, through EJHP, and policies, through the News and EU Monitor sections
•EAHP congresses and other educational events organised by EAHP,
•other related hospital pharmacy facts and figures.
Only a small portion of this website is exclusively reserved to EAHP national associations members, represented by their delegates.

Forum of discussion

A forum of discussion may be opened to EAHP members. These are individuals who belong to national associations’ members of EAHP and the forum is meant to communicate about practice related issues.

Posting inappropriate, improper, or illegal messages can result in the suspension of EAHP forum privileges. EAHP will reserve the right to remove any and all statements in the EAHP forum.

The forum postings will be monitored weekly by both EAHP staff and/or volunteers from the Scientific Committee and/or Board of Directors.  All those monitoring have signed a disclosure of conflict of interest form which is on file at the EAHP office.  Platform users and moderators must behave at all times with respect and honesty.

All messages will be the property of EAHP and users should not expect messages posted in the EAHP forum to be private. Confidential or sensitive messages should not be posted.

All users of the EAHP forum will be required to register for a password and user name by submitting information that accurately represents their current professional situation.  It will not be possible to modify or delete posts to the forum except by the EAHP staff.

The forum will not be intended for commercial purposes, recruiting, or private uses.

EAHP will reserve the right to monitor all messages and edit or delete any messages it determines to be improper, inappropriate, or an illegal use of the EAHP forum.

EAHP will not assume any responsibility for the statements and opinions posted.  The views expressed in the EAHP forum will be the personal statements and opinions of the sender, and will not necessarily reflect official EAHP policies and/or positions unless clearly labeled as such. 

All users of the platform undertake to disseminate only information that is true and correct in light of their knowledge.

Website contact details:
To contact the editor or the moderators of the forum, please email Jennie.DeGreef[at]eahp[dot]eu.

Advertising on this website

Please read the document herewith to find out about EAHP policy on advertising on its website.


For information on content of this web site, please contact Jennie De Greef, Chief Operating Officer at JennieDeGreef[at]eahp[dot]eu.  All information posted to the EAHP web site is approved by the webmaster/editor and any scientific information is reviewed by the Scientific Committee or Board of Directors prior to posting.  The information is reviewed and amended if needed twice per month.

Last update: 22 May 2018