EAHP Synergy Certification Courses

EAHP Synergy Certification courses




EAHP is glad to announce the expansion of the Synergy programme to provide further education to assist hospital pharmacists with implementing the 44 Statements on European Hospital Pharmacy which in turn will benefit hospitals and patients across Europe. 

The Synergy Certification Courses are proposed by EAHP as another educational event allowing hospital pharmacists and other healthcare professionals that don't have the opportunity to attend the Congress or other EAHP events to receive training and attend session on topics linked with the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy.

The Synergy Certification Courses  are bilingual and are open to hospital pharmacists and other healthcare professionals from EAHP member countries and other countries. 

If your EAHP Member association is interested in holding a course, please contact statements[at]eahp[dot]eu  


The next EAHP Synergy Certification Course:



In June 2021, the Synergy Certification course will take place in Ionnina, Greece:

Last update: 12 February 2021